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El Dia de los Muertos

November 2, 2018
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Most everyone has experienced a heartbreaking loss that still aches in their heart.

There is someone they'd like to spend one more day with, to feel the actual essence of the person, feel their closeness, their personality, laughter, remembering the cadence of their voice and tender touch, a smile and to share just one moment of unconditional love that used to be too often unappreciated.

If only their spirit would return.

That's the magical part about Day of the Dead that occurs in homes and cemeteries throughout Mexico. This is a sacred, annually anticipated experience that's created, asofrendas are constructed and tombs decorated. Special foods are shared with the visiting muertos and everything one can afford is offered to make the returning spirits happy.

And if it's done right, that spark of reconnection is total bliss. It fills the heart, teaches lessons and makes the arduous task of living life a bit more understandable.

Celebrate life and share the magic of celebrating Day of the Dead with those you love.

McDermott-Crockett Mortuary asks the community to join in a celebration of  Dia de los Muertos from 5:30-8:30 p.m. on Friday, November 2nd at 2020 Chapala Street. This celebration honors our love for those who have passed from this life to the next, pays respect to their memory and celebrates their life.
Participants are welcome to dress up in traditional attire. Please bring a photo of your loved one to place on the ofrenda in memory, or if you are not able to bring a picture, you are welcome to email one to and it will be placed for you.  Please RSVP at (805) 569-2424.

We encourage everyone from our community to participate, all families and friends welcome!

31st Annual Santa Barbara Jewish Festival

May 6
11 am - 4 pm

We will hold an information booth at the 31st Annual Santa Barbara Jewish Festival from 11AM-4PM to speak about ShareLife and preplanning as well as the place we hold in the community to offer proper final arrangements for the Jewish faith. We hope to see you there!

Heart Full of Memories Dinner 2018

February 14
5:30 pm

We are delighted to host our 4th annual Valentine's Day Sweetheart Dinner at Bouchon Santa Barbara. Taking the time to spoil our valentines and cherish memories of their lost loved ones over a lovely meal makes this event on of our most favorite of each year.